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Hand Knapped Agate Arrowheads 5 Inch

  • Item Code
  • Size
    5 inches
  • MOQ
    100 Pcs
  • Weight
    90-100 Grams
  • Special Order

Browse from the wide range of unique collection of Fancy Agate Arrowheads. This amazing arrowheads is available in size of 5 Inches. Agate Arrowheads helps to protect from nagative energy. This arrowheads are in Wholesale price only at Agate Mart. Order online today!


"Agate Arrowheads 5 Inches - Agate pointed stones make an intriguing jewellery.This Agate Arrowheads measure upto 5 Inches long. Shop online for these novel pieces at discount cost

Sharpened stone upgrades mental capacity, further developing fixation, discernment and scientific capacities. It alleviates and quiets, recuperating internal annoyance or pressure and makes a feeling that all is well with the world and security. Sharpened stone is semiprecious silica mineral, an assortment of chalcedony that happens in groups of changing shading and straightforwardness. Pointed stones are basically quartz, and its actual properties are in everyday those of that mineral.

Sharpened stone is found all through the world. As a rule, agate esteems are very humble. Agates of enormous size or with especially unmistakable, fine, or scene like shading designs are at a higher cost than expected. Exclusively cut pieces or stones from collectible areas would be generously more costly. Sharpened stones are utilized in an assortment of gems like pendants for pieces of jewelry and pointed stone hoops. A few internet based organizations sell discount pointed stone studs which can be requested in mass without any problem. Sharpened stones are likewise utilized in different items, for example, Agate pointed stone keyrings which can likewise effectively fill in as a present for somebody.

The sharpened stone is essentially the sharp tip end of the bolt. This sharp stone tip was utilized to penetrate the tissue of the creature being pursued, either killing or disfiguring it. Pointed stones were a vital apparatus and weapon to Native American individuals. They were utilized to chase, fish and face conflicts. Pointed stone is image of poise and flexibility, the Obsidian Arrowhead was utilized in fight millennia prior to help recuperating. It is said to assist with diminishing agony and keep negative energies from contacting you. Bring an Arrowhead into your home, and permit it to rouse harmony and square poisonous contentions.

Indian (or India) Agate is an extraordinary guide for reflection and is an amazing mending stone. It is known to give actual strength, enthusiastic security and insurance. Indian Agate is likewise known to give security, assurance and animates fixation."

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