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Arrowheads Jewellery


Description of Arrowheads Jewellery

Are you looking for arrowheads jewellery? Native Americans believed the arrowhead could deflect negative energy and allow the wearer to absorb their enemy's power. For Native American peoples, arrows meant life. They were tools for hunting food to feed their families and weapons to protect themselves. Thus, arrows are symbols of both war and peace in Native American culture. Its depiction and placement change an arrow's symbolism in Native American culture. To find an arrowhead is often associated with good luck. Superstitions surrounding this arrowhead is focused on the origin of this weapon. Some arrowheads have been made from wonderful stone such as quartz. In ancient Greece the arrowhead was made of bronze and they were often triangular in shape. A variety of stones were used in crafting the arrowheads. As a talisman, the arrowhead was worn around the neck to ward off the Evil Eye. It symbolized courage, strength, and protection.