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Rough Chunk Tumbled Stones


Description of Rough Chunk Tumbled Stones

Browse our collection of Rough Chunk Tumbled Stones made from agate at Agate Mart.
Rough tumbled stones are what stones look like after they're pulled from the ground. Nothing has been done to treat them. This is why they often look more like rocks than crystals. They tend to be rougher and lack the shine and sheen of other crystals you've seen in stores. Amethyst and Citrine are the most popular and valuable gem varieties of Quartz, but other forms also make important gemstones. As rocks are (generally) more abundant than crystal, semi precious stones are not that valuable. Lapislazuli, jade, mica, opal. amethyst, are valuable rocks. Check out our rough tumbled gemstone chunk selection for the very best in unique collection. Tumbled stones are pieces of rocks and minerals that have been rounded, smoothed and polished into beautiful gemstones in a rock tumbler. Tumbled or Polished crystals have been processed by hand and/or machine and Raw or Natural crystals have not - they are pretty much as they came out of the ground. ... Both Tumbled and Natural crystals are effective healers and protectors. They offer different energies however they are both positive and effective.

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