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Agate Tumbled Stones


Description of Agate Tumbled Stones

We offers highly polished and unique high grade tumble stones at wholesale prices in India. Agate tumbled stones are often treated with dye to alter their color. If you see tumbled stones with outrageous colors, those stones have probably been dyed. Tumbled or Polished crystals have been processed by hand and/or machine and Raw or Natural crystals have not - they are pretty much as they came out of the ground. Both Tumbled and Natural crystals are effective healers and protectors. They offer different energies however they are both positive and effective. The market for spectacular tumbled stones is very small. They are sold as "collector's pieces" or as rough to people who will cut them into cabochons. We do not believe that premium tumbled stones are an investment opportunity. Their intrinsic value is very low and they are very difficult to sell at a premium price. Agate is a popular rock used to make tumbled stones. There are many different types of agate. In this photo you can see Botswana agate, apricot agate, carnelian agate, tree agate, blue lace agate, dendritic blue agate, green moss agate and others. Visit us today and place your order online!!

"Agate is an incredible stone for rebalancing and blending body, brain and soul. It scrubs and balances out the emanation, taking out and changing cynicism. Agate upgrades mental capacity, further developing focus, insight and scientific capacities. It alleviates and quiets, recuperating internal resentment or strain and makes a feeling that everything is good and wellbeing.

Agate mends the eyes, stomach and uterus; purges the lymphatic framework and the pancreas; reinforces veins and recuperates skin problems. Tumbled stones are utilized as energy stones in elective medication. They are additionally utilized as mending gems and as chakra stones. Tumbled stones are frequently utilized and set on various chakra focuses to soothe diverse physical, enthusiastic, mental, and otherworldly inconveniences.

Tumbled stones can likewise be utilized in many art projects. They can be added as special, brilliant, and intriguing designs on various articles.

At the point when you take tumbled stones like Yellow Quartz, Orange Quartz, Carnelian, and Amethyst and use them together, they can make a lovely complement on edges, reflects, or even shadow boxes. They can make anything resemble an extremely exceptional and customized show-stopper. You can likewise utilize tumbled stones to embellish a note stand or a cardholder utilizing only a piece of wire and some paste.

Utilize this note stand or card holder for uncommon occasions as placeholders, or as adorable updates on the kitchen counter or office work area. Bigger parts of tumbled stones can be utilized to make toys for your little ones. Some wiggly eyes, pieces of material or cotton, paint, and your creative mind are all you wanted to do this undertaking.

Tumbled stones can likewise be effectively made into rings, hoops, wristbands, pendants, keychains, pendants, paperweights, and numerous other valuable ordinary things.

Tumbled stones truly appear as though game pieces from your beloved tabletop games. You can utilize them for this identical reason! You can cover them in a sandbox and have the children think that they are all in an expedition game. You can likewise utilize two diverse shaded tumbled stones for spasm tac toe. You can even make your own prepackaged game and utilize your tumbled stones as tokens.

Tumbled stones can be a delightful complement for focal points, flame holders, mirrors, photo placements, and numerous other home stylistic theme pieces. You can even place a few tumbled stones in a pruned plant to add more shading to your space. A pruned delicious can be decorated with brilliant stones like White Moonstone, Jasper, Banded Amethyst, and Botswana Agate. Clear glass containers or compartments loaded up with pastel or dim hued tumbled stones make stunning improvements as well as wonderful gifts."