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Wire Wrap Pendant


Description of Wire Wrap Pendant

Wire wrapping has endless room to grow beyond any patterns, styles and techniques that are currently known. It also benefits intuition, intellect, communication, decision making, and promotes truthfulness and honesty. Hold the 2 pieces of wire together, and start wrapping them near the base of the pendant. Wrap the wire around the other 2 pieces like a vine until you are satisfied with the look or until you run out of wire. Then, secure the 2 ends of wire to the top of the pendant. Generally speaking, a pendant is an ornament meant to hang from the neck on a chain or ribbon. A charm is an ornament meant to be attached to a bracelet and to hang from the wrist. A charm is usually smaller than a pendant, so it doesn't get in the way while using the hand or arm. A pendant is a jewelry piece that goes around your neck, while a pendant is a small piece of jewelry that is hung onto the necklace itself.

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