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Lapis Lazuli Circle Wire Wraped Pendant

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  • MOQ
    50 Pcs
  • Weight
    10-15 grams
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Order online for Lapis Lazuli Circle Wire Wrap Pendant. Lapis Lazuli is the stone of the spiritual seeker and student, stimulating one�¢??s desire for knowledge and understanding. It can help one learn more effectively and is excellent for enhancing memory. A Lapis Lazuli Circle Wire Wrap Pendant, perfect for gridwork. The Quartz sphere in the center allows you to program with your intention, and radiate that energy outward. Each of the seven points has a different stone to correspond with each of the seven chakra zones. Keep on your desk, in your sacred space, or use in your own lightwork practices to energize your vibration. Lapis activates the psychic centers at the third eye, allowing one to develop enhanced intuition and access to spiritual guidance. It is the stone of truth and a stimulating influence to the throat chakra �¢?? therefore both discerning and speaking the truth in all situations.

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