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Healing Celtic Tree Of Life Engraved on Selenite Rainbow Coaster

  • Item Code
  • Size
    70-75 MM
  • MOQ
    20 Pcs
  • Weight
    70-120 Grams
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Shop online for Natural Selenite Rainbow Healing Crystals Metatron Engraved Coaster. Selenite is supposed to be a strong mending precious stone that advances harmony and quiet, mental lucidity, and prosperity. It`s additionally accepted by some that this precious stone can eliminate negative energy and assist you with interfacing with higher domains. Selenite is ordinarily sold as masses of granular, even, and kaleidoscopic shards. What works everything out such that amazingly exceptional is the way that it is, basically, unadulterated white light caught in an unmistakable, actual structure. The selenite precious stone is as a rule alluded to as "fluid light". This able moniker is demonstrative of the manner by which it capacities as a delicate yet successful recuperating instrument and shifter of energies. In getting out stale and weighty energies, selenite considers a progression of energy - new and cheerful energy - that is fluid like. Wearing a selenite stone as gems is incredibly helpful anyway isn`t a satisfactory substitute 100% of the time for contemplating with this powerful fiery source or putting it over your chakras. As a characteristic balancer of energy, selenite can likewise be utilized to scrub your different gems.

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